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Last updated, Apr 30th, 2013

RiftGoldReviews.com is a Rift gold review site dedicated to finding you the best places to buy Rift platinum. We review and rank top Rift platinum sites so you can buy game currency with knowledge. RIFT Gold Reviews gets Rift platinum reviews and information from customers and uses this information to rank sites.

On this page, you will find links to the top companies to buy Rift Platinum, powerleveling, and other things needed for for the game. Items in the game can be very expensive, so many people do not want to waste their time farming currency. This site exists to help the people to find the best places to buy Rift platinum, gold so they do not have to waste time farming and have legitimate companies they can buy Rift platinum from.

Below I have a list of the best places to buy Rift gold and services.

TOP Ranked Sites to Buy Rift Gold!

I would not buy Rift platinum or services from just anywhere. Finding good companies that sell RIFT Platinum is easy, there are many online currency companies, the problem is that a lot of them take advantage of players daily. Because of this; I have put together a list of the best places to buy Rift platimum. Many of these companies do more than just sell Rift Platinum, many offer power leveling services, sell items and so forth. Powerleveling does take time and requires you provide that company with access to your account for a period of time. Many people are uncomfortable purchasing powerleveling because of the risk of accounts being suspended or having accounts stolen. One of the reasons I have this site is to help reduce the risk by choosing trusted companies.

Keep in mind I am not saying that if you have a company powerlevel your RIFT character even from a good company there is no risk, there is still some. RIFT may notice your account being accessed from a different IP and lock your account because of this, it does not happen often but it can happen. I would have a company powerlevel for me if it on a fresh account, so that nothing is lost if it is actioned. I myself would rather level my own characters than have someone do it for me but for those that do not have the time I would recomend Guy4Game as they have good powerleveling services.

As far as buying platinum from the game I suggest sticking with the companies I have listed below, they are good trusted companies that I use for not just RIFT but also for WOW and SWTOR. The best of these companies in my opinion is EpicToon.

Our Rift Gold Reviews
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Please feel free to email me your reviews and feedback on these companies. If you wish to suggest other companies for me to look at please contact me.